Dabrava JSCo - Logging Trade with unworked timber BULGARIAN
Dabrava JSCo - Logging Trade with unworked timber
Dabrava JSCo is a licensed forest trading company established in 1991.
It is specialized in logging and trade with unworked timber. The company has extensive experience in export of wood and is honest and reliable partner on the internal market.
It has specialized forestry equipment and professionally trained engineers, thanks to which is recognized as one of the best in the forestry sector.
The company's management is in the town of Burgas, and its subsidiaries are based in: Aytos, Karnobat, Nesebar, Sredets and Sadovo.
The company has its own railway station and warehouses, which offer unworked timber and firewood.
Dabrava JSCo
Logging - Performs felling and transportation of timber to a temporary storage in state, municipal and private forests
- Provides transportation of timber to consumers
- Repairs and construction of forest tractor roads using own equipment
- Makes forest management programs for private forests
- Performs marking, quality ranking and coordination of all necessary documents for felling in private forests
Forestry activities
Forestry activities - Performance of soil preparation for afforestation
- Afforestation
- Growing of newly created crops
- Growing of young plants and helping its reactivation
- Construction of firefighting, mineralized stripes and bars with own equipment
Trade with unworked timber
Trade with unworked timber - Supplies wood processing companies wth timber
- Trades with raw materials for domestic market
- Carries out export of timber by sea, road and railway transport
- Offers firewood: cut, split, loose - for the Internal market, and packed, palletized - for the foreign market
Tourism The company has:

Guest House in Burgas Mineral Baths

Guest House in the town of Nesebar
8000 Burgas, Bulgaria
8 Ivan Shishman Str., fl.5
Burgas Office: 056 874043, 056 874040
Warehouse Balgarovo: 05515 2013
Warehouse Karnobat: 0886 209705